I have stopped counting the number of times I have been told by friends “… you should write a book about your life…” so I figured I would started taking on board the repeating feedback and get to writing something!

The suggestion to write it all down is often the concluding piece of information added to a conversation mix with friends. Me sharing about my latest challenge, drama, annoyance, and in exchange supporting my friends through their own challenge, drama or annoyance.

I have never really considered myself unusual. In fact I am someone who usually flies under the radar.

I remember at school been called the “dark horse” after running a surprising second place at a school carnival. I was not known to be athletic and yet I had beaten most of the known fit kids. When I look at my life as a whole, “dark horse” is a label that fits well. I am a surprise package. Often under estimated, even by myself.

I don’t really think of myself as rebellious however I appreciate that from the outside, it may appear this way. I do not see myself as fearless or radical (I have allot of fear!) but again, people have made comments that this is how I appear.

Overall I think I am average on most counts with the ability to rise to excellance when the moment hits me.  Sure there are some areas that come easier to me than most, but I have always been aware of someone who did the same thing even easier again. I like this. It keeps me constantly looking further ahead. Constantly trying.

To outsiders I can be seen as reckless, dangerous, sometimes a bad influence, sometimes extreme, occasionally fearless, strong and fiercely independent (all comments I have collected in my years).  These traits come and go. I don’t think they are me all the time. I adapt. I’m a chameleon. I am what I need to be at the time.

So where do these comments arise from?

Well I have a tattoo (typical rebellion move I am told). It’s not something I parade around however it usually draws its own crowd being it is slightly visible on my upper back spanning a good 10 cm in diameter and consisting of intricate line work that draws the curious minds. Outsiders are often unaware of the fact I did it only after weeks of agonizing over the design, only to choose something the day before my booking from a magazine. Choosing or changing your mind on the design last minute is a big no no in tattoo world. Obvious risk is you choose something that you won’t be happy with 10 years from now. And outsiders don’t know that I almost fainted at the second stroke and almost didn’t get it finished because after the outline was done, I had lost all my will power to continue enduring the pain. But I did endure. Surprising even the artist doing the work.

So the permanent brand is there. It is something I am happy I endured. Something I do not regret. Something that surprises people when they discover it. Apparently I do not appear to be someone who would have a tattoo *wink* I wonder who is? *giggle*

And yes, I have a facial piercing. A nose ring. Small. Delicate. Another moment of bravery. The nose piercing was scarier for me then the tattoo. I hate needles. HATE THEM. I did it after a long relationship had ended and I was going through a period of discovering myself again (we’ve all been there). I had wanted one for years. I suddenly decided that NYE, while I was at work, was the time. I called the piercing studio and went during my lunch break. That was many years ago. I don’t regret it. It was a brief fearless moment of action. One I’m glad I finally faced.

And okay… I do prefer 2 wheels on the road instead of 4. But there is a good reason behind this (aside from my love of riding motorcycles… the wind rushing past is such a beautiful feeling)…I don’t actually have my car license (which is possible in Australia. You can have a bike license without a car license). I started on a scooter with 150 cc’s. Progressed to a 200 cc Vespa before moving away from scooters to a 650cc sports bike… however scooters are my love so I sold the sports bike earlier this year and I’m currently deliberating over a red or black Vespa. I am scooter girl. Hear me roar!

I love to feel alive.

I love the sensation of a good challenge… and for me it may hang over my shoulder for days, weeks, months sometimes even years before I muster enough inner grit to face it… but I love that.

So I am here to share my challenges, my achievements, my skills and my knowledge with the world. I want to inspire and support other dark horses around the world to step into their light and claim their place in the world.

On your marks… get set… lets go!

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