How to read more, and 5 reasons why you should!

I love to read.

I am a self-proclaimed book-tart. I love everything about books but if I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would say I love that reading has the ability to slow my mind to a single string of self-dialogue while simultaneously educating or entertaining me. Amazing!

Book-tarts such as myself, well we read ALLOT!

I am usually reading several books at a time – there are so many great books out there!

I’ve been asked how it is possible to read so much on top of all my other commitments so below are some of my tricks and tips to help fellow book-tarts get more words into their day.

  1. Use public transport. I have a 20min commute to and from work that I can utilise 5 days a week. Any day I catch the bus gives me 40mins of pure blissful reading time and because it is to/from work, I often choose books that are business related or inspirational to help get me in the zone.
  2. Reading in bed. The time you can use for reading in bed is unlimited. How many times do you choose to watch a ho-hum TV program just before bed only because you have nothing else you want to do before sleeping? Well now you can get stuck into that pile of books you are accumulating on your bedside table! I usually get in a good 30 – 60mins of reading before I doze off. I often choose a lighter book, something humorous or fictional, so my brain does not get too over stimulated before sleeping.
  3. Keep a book in your bag. Waiting rooms, morning coffee breaks, solo lunches in the park, all perfect opportunities to whip out a good book and kill some time enjoying the written word.
  4. Flights – no need to go into this one in detail, but reading on flights is heavenly. Minimal interruptions. Snacks and drinks provided and good reading lights. Brilliant!
  5. Mobile devices + kindle – now books are portable and light – oh the beauty of technology. I still prefer printed books but some of them are huge and too heavy for carrying in a hand bag. Those books I will generally keep on my kindle ap for times when I find myself with unexpected free minutes.

Now if you want some motivation to get reading below are a few quickies;

  1. The book is ALWAYS better than the movie. It’s unavoidable really. Books speak to us and engage our own imagination and therefore the characters are different for each individual reader. Movies dictate what the characters look like and often that their depiction does not resonate with all of the audience. PLUS, you can only achieve so much storyline in 2 to 3 hours of footage. The books always include more detail and ability to visualise our own scenery and characters.
  2. Reading broadens the mind and self-educates making you better informed. I often read opposing books on a single topic just so I feel I have both sides of the argument. It’s a great way to feel up to date on a topic. Give it a go!
  3. Join a book club. They usually meet monthly which gives you 4 weeks to get through the chosen book. They are great social opportunities too for us book worms who are generally quieter in nature.
  4. Give yourself a deadline. Pick one that is realistic. If it is a light hearted easy to read book, maybe 1 week is long enough for you. If it is something more in depth, maybe a fortnight. Give yourself a reason to stick to the deadline. Write a review on amazon or your blog once you are finished letting the world know what you thought of the book. Share the deadline with a fellow bookworm and then compare notes at the end. Whatever keeps you moving from line to line on the page
  5. Need more? Head over here for 10 ways Reading improves your mind.

Enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to read more, and 5 reasons why you should!

  1. Michelle says:

    I prefer printed books also, but I got a nook as a gift and I’m amazed at how much more I’ve been reading. I have about half an hour every night while I’m waiting for my little one to fall asleep. Book lights were too bright and bothered her, but I can turn the brightness all the way down on the nook and get through an extra chapter or two during that time. Plus, it’s nice to have multiple books for the size and weight of one in your bag for travel.

    • SonyaMadden says:

      Heh Michelle – thanks for the suggestion of the nook. I’ve not come across this product before 🙂 I know a few mum’s who find the digital format a more suitable option with little ones around. Ahh technology 😉

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