What am I doing to save the world?

Last night I went to my first “Wake Up Sydney” event. I have known about these events for years but each time I would deliberate on attending and then tickets would sell out!  THIS time I was prepared and bought a ticket the same day I received notification about the event.

Upon walking into the old Cheuvel building I received a tulip and a friendly smile. There was a small dark chocolate bar on my seat and for the next 2 hours I was swept away by the amazing drumming of Rueben Alexander before being engaged by the compelling words for Andrew Harvey.


Photo of Andrew Harvey

Many things resonated with me as Andrew spoke. One of the key take-aways/ah-hah moments I had was when Andrew questionend the audience with “What have you loved so much that it matters?” This was in regards to Sacred Activitism – a movement described in Andrew’s latest book, “The Hope”.

I mentally drew a blank. I’ve loved, but have I loved enough that it matters?

Andrew also questioned the crowd about what WE are doing to insure some of the horrific things unfolding around the world would stop and/or never occur again.

This one really hit home. I support a number of charities and felt that this was my contribution to the world however it dawned on me last night that this is a total cop-out. I give the charities money but I personally do not DO anything other then say ‘here, have some cash!’. The only thing I could draw on from my memory banks was recently I swore off red meat in protest to the Australian live-export trade that is currently under scrutiny… but really, that’s all I have done. Oh, and I insure all my pets come from animal shelters (as opposed to breeders) but again, is that enough to save the world? Ah…. in a word… nope!

Andrew is a very compelling speaker and someone I would recommend seeing if you have the chance. He provided lots of little morsels for me to ponder long after the talk was finished.

Below is a poem I found by Rumi (which Andrew refers heavily too) that I feel is a good reflection of his words;

how long
can i lament
with this depressed
heart and soul

how long
can i remain
a sad autumn
ever since my grief
has shed my leaves

the entire space
of my soul
is burning in agony

how long can i
hide the flames
wanting to rise
out of this fire

how long can one suffer
the pain of hatred
of another human
a friend behaving like an enemy

with a broken heart
how much more
can i take the message
from body to soul

i believe in love
i swear by love
believe me my love

how long
like a prisoner of grief
can i beg for mercy

you know i’m not
a piece of rock or steel
but hearing my story
even water will become
as tense as a stone

if i can only recount
the story of my life
right out of my body
flames will grow

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