“Yoga Bitch” by Suzanne Morrison.

Yoga Bitch

Yoga Bitch by S. Morrison

I dont recall how I first came across the book “Yoga Bitch” by Suzanne Morrison. Most likely it was suggested to me as I trawled the pages on Amazon looking for some books to make an order to Australia worth while.I have a rule of no less then 5 to justify their shipping rates.

I do remember that I had to order the book twice.

The first time I accidently selected an old interstate address for the shipping location. I had no way of getting the package intercepted so notified amazon once I realised my mistabke. I was informed that the order would be returned it if it was not claimed within 30 days and the money refunded. Kind of infuriating as I wanted the order NOW!

By the time the money was refunded, my desire for the book had increased. I ordered the book again but this time paid for faster shipping. It is worth noting that I did not end up ordering the exact same books. With some time to ponder my purchases I revised my original list to what I deemed to only be essential. Suzanne’s ‘Yoga Bitch’ remained in my shopping cart and was the first book I dived into once the glorious cardboard box form amazon arrived.

In 2010 I travelled to Bali alone and participated in a 10 day yoga retreat. I went on a whim, between jobs, and seriously questioning my relationship at the time. I had done next to no yoga in my life but was called to go – so I went. I loved it. I have very found memories of my time in Bali and thought Suzanne’s book would allow me to revisit the country once again.

Let me just say that in comparison to my yoga retreat, I would rate Suzanne’s experience as nothing short of HARD CORE! 3 months Bali doing yoga for hours a day… with unique challenges such as drinking your own urine.

I must point out that my favourite part of the book is pages 79 – 81 where Suzanne’s describes in such amazing detail the problem of farts in a yoga class. The first time I read these pages I was lying in bed laughing so hard I could not sleep for hours afterwards. I dog-eared the page as I HAD to share it with my boyfriend later. As I re-read the pages to him tears of laugther poured down my face. I hovered in that fine space between extreme-laughing and hysterical crying. It was fantastic to laugh so hard although with all my giggles I think my man was more laughing at me then the words I relayed.

Overall I related to Suzanne’s experience on many levels (not the pee-drinking or the farting… other levels!). I have completed several levels of teacher certifications in a different modality that I no longer do and have never taught beyond the training. I related to Suzanne’s experiences with her teachers and her classmates. I saw the faces of my own yogamates in the descriptions Suzanne included in her novel.

I do yoga once a week now at a small studio near my office. It is no way religious and I love it because it is just clear, simple, ahtletic yoga and it feels great. There are no yogini’s (yoga-experts) in the class so my competitive side stays silent. I simply breath and stretch.

“Yoga Bitch” is a great entertaining book for anyone with a bit of a romantic soul AND perhaps for those, like me, who often feel they are forever seeking and never finding the answer. And of course, if you have ever set out on a retreat so much of what Suzanne describes will resonate for you.

Pick it up at Amazon if you are in Australia like me or head to Suzanne’s website.

(This is not an affilated post)

5 thoughts on ““Yoga Bitch” by Suzanne Morrison.

  1. After reading your blog, i couldn’t even wait till the sample appeared on my kindle. ..

    • SonyaMadden says:

      Let me know how you found the sample? And glad to have encouraged you to check out the book – well worth the read *grin* thank you for your message!

  2. Michelle says:

    Sounds great! I know I’ve heard of the book but completely forgot about. It sounds like a perfect read right now.

  3. […] those who read my post a few days ago reviewing the book “Yoga Bitch,”  you will already be aware of my love […]

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