Sometimes you have to say No, to have room for a Yes!

Do you ever have one of those nights where is seems you lay between being awake and sleep for an eternity?

Ever found during those quiet moments of solitude a powerful moment of clarity?

Not long ago I found myself (once again) lying in bed unable to cross over into the peaceful realm of slumber. I was caught up in my own spiralling internal dialogue around a rather taxing challenge that had been playing out in my life for months. This challenge was costing me money, time and energy. I felt frustrated, angry and cheated of at least 6 months out of my life.

During this one late evening my usual cycle of anger-fear-resentment came to an end and I mentally drew a line declaring “Enough is enough!”

The very next morning I jumped on my computer, emailed the key contact for the parties involved and announced it was time to end this. I outlined clearly why this scenario was no longer serving me. I explained it had gone on too long and I was no longer interested in participating mentally or emotionally.

I hit “send” and took a deep breath.

It was done.

That big dark thing was no longer going to require my time or energy and as a result I felt a sense of freedom. Within moments the universe decided to take advantage of my new found capacity. In rushed inspiration, ideas, creativity, all filling this new found space inside me.

It’s amazing how much was actually able to fit into my life now the emotionally draining thing had been removed.

And the joy!

Previously I would witness myself brooding as I arched into downward-facing-dog during yoga.

Now I find my breathing, or focus on the cool breeze flowing through the studio.

As I spoke with a dear friend of mine on the phone last night, and walked her through this moment of realisation, she replied with the statement “Sometimes you have to say No to have room for a Yes!” – she is a wise soul this one (

I think right now I am in a period of “HELL YES!”

What do you need to say No to today so that you have the capacity to say Yes to something great?!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to say No, to have room for a Yes!

  1. Michelle says:

    Yes!!!!! I agree. Good for you making room in your life!

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