Something gifted to me – photography by Kaylia Dunstan, 2012.

Sonya Madden

Sonya Madden & Mr C – Photo taken while camping May 2012

Something beautiful – Potrait Time Lapse by Bec Winnel

Finally, I’ve put together a proper time lapse! Was fun. It was done in a bit of a hurry for my presentation at the Semi Permanent Creative Conference in Sydney and Auckland so it’s not quite as detailed as I normally like to take it, plus is was super hard to look at my drawing with the camer right above it! But hopefully it still paints a picture of my process.

 Something good#give10 Project

Each day I give 10$ to a program, person or organization that is making a difference somewhere in the world

Something exciting – Nia Bali Retreat

7 days of yoga and Nia in beautiful Ubud, Bali. Come dance with me and my Nia-peeps. 

Something I am reading – “How Remarkable Women Lead” by Joanna Barsh.

The Remarkable discoveries about what drives and sustains successful women leaders.

Something I discovered – The Tiny Guide to creating a floss habit by Leo Babauta

Creating the habit of flossing is a recent triumph for me, and because I’ve had a bunch of people ask about flossing, I decided to share what works best.

Something I am listening too – “Keep the streets empty for me” by Fever Ray

Something I watched – “Jane Eyre”

Something profoundNeil Gammon’s Speech – shared by Susanne Morrison

The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.

The things I’ve done that worked the best were the things I was the least certain about, the stories where I was sure they would either work, or more likely be the kinds of embarrassing failures people would gather together and talk about  until the end of time. They always had that in common: looking back at them, people explain why they were inevitable successes. While I was doing them, I had no idea.

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