Elizabeth Gilbert – Just keep showing up!

Just a quick post to share this inspiring video with you. I watched this video twice to make sure I  didn’t miss anything! I would like to thank the lovely Lisa Silverstone for posting it originally on facebook. 

Most of you will recognise “Elizabeth Gilbert” as the author of “Eat Pray Love” which is a great read and one of my favourite movies. I was so excited to be staying in Ubud in 2010 after the movie had been out in the world 6 months prior although most of the locals then just considered me to be yet another “western woman in search of spirit”. My scheduled trip later this year to Bali will be again in this lovely part of the world…. but back to the video!

My favourite quote from Elizabeth’s presentation is thi;

‘Ole!’ to you, just for having the sheer human love and stubbornness to keep showing up.” (Elizabeth Gilbert) 

Pow! Enjoy the video – courtesy of TED.


2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Gilbert – Just keep showing up!

  1. Michelle says:

    I watched that again recently and it really sticks with me. “Ole!” to you!!!

  2. SonyaMadden says:

    ***High Five*** Thanks Michelle – your awesome!!

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