Something… #2

Something good…

I have been donating to KIVA for almost two years. During that time I have had helped almost 10 individuals start their own business, or grow their existing business, in their world countries. Unlike most charities, KIVA asks you to ‘loan’ the business owners funds (from as little as $25) which they will endeavour to pay back to you as their business grows. I give to a number of charities on a regular basis but none make me feel like I am contributing as much as KIVA does.

Something finished…

I finished reading this book last night and loved it! It was a surprise in terms of content. I picked the book up for $2 which was great – I had been hunting for the book and managed to stumble across it at a book sale. I then read half of it during the evenings enjoying the descriptions of the Camino walk and it’s landscape and the people Shirley met on her journey. The second half of the book however blew my mind. Shirley begins to have visions and past life journey’s which are fascinating. I read the entire second half of the book last night. I could not put it down. Great combination of travel adventure and self discovery.

Something to hear….

If you live in Australia it is impossible to escape the television sensation “The Voice” – this is the winner Karise Eden singing one of my favourite songs.

Something watched…

Another surprise for my week – the surprise being I actually really enjoyed this movie! It is a little lengthy, almost two hours, but the only reason I noticed was I didn’t start watching till late in the evening. There is a nice mixture of several stories playing out and then a great ending to bring them together. It’s not an especially light film and has a very dramatic beginning but it is certainly entertaining.

Something fantastic…

I had recently been pondering putting together a list of 100 blogs that would help you lovely people, however thanks to Tom Ewer a fabulous list already exists! Click his logo below to see the second edition of…

The 100 Blogs You Need in Your Life


5 thoughts on “Something… #2

  1. Tom Ewer says:

    Hey Sonya – thanks for linking to my list! I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Kiva is amazing. I plan to get my oldest and maybe even our homeschool co-op involved as a group.
    I have Hereafter recorded, but haven’t watched it yet. Maybe next weekend.

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