Something # 3

Something finished…

Reading by Moonlight – How books saved a life” by Brenda Walker (no link to amazon as I think the book must be out of print. I got a copy on ebay…)

It is not often that a book leaves me a little speechless, but this is one of them. There were so many pockets of beauty throughout the book I would catch my self letting out a big-ole happy sigh before turning the page. The memoir follows the diagnoses, treatment and recovery of Brenda through Breast Cancer and the books she choose to support the journey. It is a wonderful read and the writing is outstanding! Highly recommend this book and must thank Maggie MacKellar for suggesting I check this one out.

Something simple…

I love the vintage look in this video – made for a bit of fun – bicycles.

Something watched…

“My week with Marilyn” is a beautiful film and Michelle Williams killed it~ By the end of the movie I was quiet enamoured by the star.

Something interesting…

I’ve often wondered if the term “vegie-quarium” was real and of course, it is not. I use this term to describe myself. I eat fish, but no read meat and next to no poultry (unless eating out and fish is not on the menu).

I came across these definitions and was pretty interested to know now only do variations of vegetarian diets exist, but they have scientific names.

Ovo-lacto vegetarians: those who do not eat any meat, but do eat dairy and egg products.

Ovo-vegetarians: those who eat meat and eggs, but not dairy.

Pescatarians or aquatarians: those who cut out most meats, except for fish <— this is me!

Flexitarian: those who mostly keep to a vegetarian diet, but will eat meat occasionally.

Vegans: those who do not consume, and sometimes do not use or wear, any kind of animal products.

Read more:

Something helpful…

Concentration – How to stay focused –

Something even more helpful…

How to stay productive after work –

Something achieved….

Read two books this week – yay! So here is the second one 🙂 Maggie McKellar’s “When it Rains” I devoured in two nights. I loved it and at the end of it I sent a message to the author signing off my note with “…and now I want a pony!” Beautiful book.

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