‘Design Thinking’

Last week I received a last minute invite to a private screening of the intedepant documentary called “Design Thinking“.

I was excited about this project for two reasons.

1. Well this was the first film I had an opportunity to watch that was funded by Kickstarter!

2. “Design thinking” I thought would be very applicable to the company I work for being we are a design firm.

The evening was hosted by “Different” who are an organisation that specialise in customer centric business. Some of their big clients are our big clients although we are not competitors. We both offered services to the industry – just to different areas of the industry.

The documentary was not what I expected. It was not bad, however I felt it circled around a really good point but then never got to that point.

“Design thinking” is as difficult to define as ‘innovation’ or ‘creativity’ – it’s not a thing, but rather a process or a tool you can utilise.

The film did present some great insights for people who deliver products to a market place and encouraged people to not shy away from failure.

‘Learn how to fail small and then fail again’ was one quote I recall from the film.

For anyone who is wondering how they go about insuring their product is right for their end user, I would recommend this film.

For anyone wanting a peak inside some truly inspirational creative minds and environments (coke-cola, the hub, ideo, etc) – check the film out.

And for anyone wanting to support kickstarter projects in the future – this film is a great testimony to the quality of work that comes from independently funded projects – so I would recommend watching the film 🙂

P.S. I recently pledged my first contribution to a kickstarter project which recently achieved it’s goal – Congratulations to the team behind “I’m fine thanks!” – tickets are on sale to the premier now! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cranktank/im-fine-thanks

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