Living ‘Life on a Little’

One of my blog-buddies Monica is launching a fantastic opportunity I wanted to share with you!

‘Low Impact Betty’ or Monica as I know her, is a genius in the art of living Life on a Little. And c’mon, who doesn’t need help in living on a little!
Financial abundance does not always have to entail earning more – sometimes it is more about managing what you have better.

The program runs from Monday July 16 – Monday July 23.
Follow hashtag:#lifeonalittle to Live life to the fullest on a not so full wallet, bank account or mattress. You can discover and share tips, videos, recipes and blogs on how to live on a little income but still increase your happiness and health. Feel free to tweet your own tips with the hashtag and she’ll retweet them.
Below is the outline of the content:
Day 1: Money Management
Day 2: Food
Day 3: Going out and Shopping
Day 4: Transportation
Day 5: Personal Care & Cleaning Products
Day 6: Travel
Day 7: Sharing
So c’mon and join me on this great sharing opportunity!

2 thoughts on “Living ‘Life on a Little’

  1. Claire Lopez says:

    Sonya! Hey there! You’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Award! Check it out:

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