Sunshine Award!

Exciting news – Emerging Dark Horse has been nominated for a sunshine award!

The uber-awesome fellow biker chick Clare Lopez from “I’ve been there Clare” has very kindly selected me to participate in the Sunshine awards. I first came across Clare’s site while trawling for inspiring blog/website designs – Clare’s is fantastic! Granted I may be a little biased due to the motorcycle theme (and cause bike-chicks are in a word AWESOME!), but Clare’s writting always stirs me emotionally. Whether I am laughing or crying – I love it.

As a sunshine award nominee, it is now my responsibility to;

  1. Thank the person who gave me the award.
  2. Answer questions about myself
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and let them know they’ve received it.
Favorite color: Red!
Favorite number: 5
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Green Smoothie… ooh ooh… and a rosewater Lassie.
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter
My passions: My VESPA… my dog… writing and reading.
Getting or giving presents: Giving 😀
Favorite pattern: Ummm… I like the look of vintage wallpaper 🙂
Favorite day of the week: Friday!
Favorite flower: Any flower – I love them all 🙂

My Sunshiney nominees:

1. My sisters blog, Louisa – The Eco Mum – is awesome! I am not a mother (she is, lol!) however I love reading her helpful tips for home remedies, green cleaning products, health care, organic produce. Love it, love her – super great site.

2. One of my closest and dearest friends probably needs little introduction – Leonie Dawson. The brains behind the “Goddess School” which includes a monster selection of eCourses and materials – Leonie is helping women discover their authentic selves and to enjoy the journey. I had the privilege of contributing to 2 of Leonie’s courses which was pretty exciting.

3. I came across Michelle’s blog Chamomile Punk a few months ago when we both participated in a vegan 30 day challenge (see number 8). I loved her writting, her website and her whole approach. Have been following her amazing work ever since.

4.  Courtney’s blog Be More with Less is fabulous! I had the honour of working with Courtney during the Good Blog Project and loved it! If you are after some great tips on simplifying your life, or even how to grow and develop your blog – Courtney’s blog is where it is at 🙂

5. Rachelle’s blog Magpie Girl is beautiful, I LOVE her design. Rachelle’s focus is on caring for creative souls which I adore. She has some beautiful and inspiring blog posts but I warn you… once you hit her site, you’ll be there for hours. Well I was 🙂

6. I came across Jamie Ridler Studio‘s blog and loved it instantly. I love the material she covers in her blog along with the overall look and feel. Inspiration tips, dream boards, she even recently ran a great little competition prompted by the World Domonation Summit. I have touched base with Jamie also on twitter and discovered a mutual love for morning pages 🙂

7. A life of Blue is an example of someone living my fantasy life. I love my job, my dog, my home – but if I didn’t, I would become a nomad just like Conni. And to start at such a young age – wow!

8.  Beauty that moves – is the best title for this blog. Her posts are full of beauty. I find myself staring into her sublime photographs probably all too frequently. I enjoyed watching the journey of her families relocation and the new puppy pics are adorable. I also participated in the “30 Day Vegan” course and found the materials were fantastic. Would highly recommend.

9. Open Road Writing – came into my life while I participated in The Good Blog Project with “Be More with Less” (see number 4). Beverly is a fantastic writer and was very supportive as I dipped my toes into online writing.  Currently sharing her road trip adventures with the world – check our her amazing work.

10. Low Impact Betty – this blog is AMAZING! I love the look, love the work, love the author. Monica’s writing is about living life to the full while minimising the impact on your wallet and the world. She is a fantastic writer and also great to follow on twitter as she shares regular little tips on low impact living. Check out her stuff – the girl has edge 😉

Before you go, don’t forget to check out my nominator as well as all of my sunshine award nominees. Support each other and have a sunshiney day!
Have you gotten a Sunshine Award? Share the love!

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Award!

  1. Michelle says:

    Aww, thanks so much for the the kind words! I’m so great to have connected with you also! And yes, bike chicks are awesome. 🙂

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