The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks has introduced me to the concept of an “ULP!”

This term is an abbreviation for “Upper Limit Problem” which is discussed in detail though out Gay’s book. Gay also includes examples and case studies showing  how “ULP” can affect and ultimately restrict our lives.

I have really enjoyed reading this book. Often self-help/personal development books I find really interesting initially, then repetitive as they go over and over the same theories or insights. The last half of the book is often an up hill battle.

Although “ULP!” (BTW – I added the exclamation mark as I feel the term deserves emphasis) is discussed throughout the book, it is discussed in regards to the different key areas of our lives which I have found very insightful and refreshing.

For example, what has resonated with me is how I suffer the “ULP” in personal fitness. I have discovered a mental limitation that means I work out super hard, eat well and come so close to my ultimate goal and then self sabotage by breaking the routine and/or indulging in too much junk food. Classic “ULP!”

It has been rather fascinating to recognise that this is nothing more then my own limiting belief system and that it can be changed. This realisation is liberating – especially when the alarm goes off at 5.30am for my morning boot camp and I am tempted to ‘accidentally’ (on purpose) oversleep. I spot the “ULP” in action, and slide out of bed.

Although I suffer less “ULP” on the work front, I can see instances of where I am not working to my full potential. Spending those extra few  minutes checking personal emails, or Facebook updates on my phone – this is time wasted that could be better spent furthering my career or my career progress.

This book is NOT about becoming a ‘anything-a-holic’ but about how to identify that often the cause of our frustration, or perceived failure, is ourselves and our own belief systems around what we deserve and can achieve.

Simple and amazing!

If you have read this book I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether, like me, you turned each page and discovered a new “wow!” moment.

If you are yet to enjoy this book – it is available on Amazon and most book stores. Enjoy!

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