Something #4

Something I read…

“The Man Diet” by Zoe Strimpel.

I had 8 hours to kill at the airport so I picked up this book from the newsagents, settled in with a good coffee and begun an insightful read. Initially I thought this book would be quiet humorous, but instead I cringed as I discovered each of the horrible little things I had done in and out of my previous relationships. I was horrified…. so horrified that I became more motivated to keep my commitment to single-dom. For anyone that happens to be like me, a serial dater, or is struggling with being dubbed “single” (as opposed to “couple”) – this book will certainly offer you some support.

Something achieved…

My sisters combined Birthday and Hens weekend away – which I volunteered to organise and was a great success!  See my post on how to organise a great hens party!

Sonya Madden (left), Louisa Forrest & Belinda – on Louisa’s Birthday and Hens Weekend


Something fun…

I have followed Jenna Marbles on Youtube for ages and find her hilarious. This is her latest post but check out some of her older videos.

Something watched…

Okay I admit my expectation for “Drive” was fairly low. I was only interested in seeing it because Ryan Gosling was the lead (I’m only human) but I have to be honest and say I REALLY LIKED this movie. It was so far from what I was expecting. I assumed it was some kind of “Fast and the Furious” clone but it was nothing like F&F and had a much more compelling story line. It is an intense film so be prepared to remain on the couch for the full duration – oh, and it is violent.

Onto a completed different film genre is “Our Idiot Brother” which is a nice (what I call) ‘fluff’ film. It has you giggling in some places and is entertaining enough to fill in the time. Nice little light hearted movie with no violence and from memory not much swearing. I did enjoy watching the dynamic between the lead character and his three sisters change throughout the film. Has a lovely happy ending too. Happy sigh.

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