Below is a select list of friends who I very whole heartedly support and share with you. I believe in their message and their products and hope you find this page useful.

The Eco Mum –


This beautiful and talented soul is my younger sister Louisa. Louisa is the genius behind ‘The Eco Mum” which aims to provide current information and advice on how to love and live green. With her amazing partner and her daughter (and my stunning neice) this family have helped countless souls across the globe remove unneccessary chemicals and nasties from their lives replacing them with greener choices that leave your mind, body and spirit smiling. The Eco Mum also now provides a fantastic service to those in the Blue Mt’s area of NSW, which is Lavenderia Nappy Service – an eco cloth nappy delivery service. For those who prefer the written word, Louisa has also combined her helpful tips into a book – “The Little Book of Homemade Eco Remedies“which I have read many times.



Leonie is one of my dearest and closest friends. I have watched her nurture and support countless women from around the world to achieve their dreams and embrace their authentic selves. Leonie and I collaborate on 2 of her eCourses however I have personally completed all her courses and recommend them entirely. Joining Leonie’s online Goddess group, which has 1000’s of female members from around the globe, is a worth while investment for anyone wanting to network with fellow souls across the world.


Ingelara Retreat – Gini Eagle –

I am fortunate enough to call Gini friend, mentor and teacher. Gini is a beautiful soul and with her amazing partner Pete, they have created a peaceful retreat space just south of Canberra. I have undertaken many spiritual adventures on their land. I completed my Reiki training with Gini from Level 1 through to Masters. I shared a Goddess retreat with Leonie (listed above) at Ingelara with several beautiful souls. I have done Gini’s “Yoga for Relationships” workshop at Ingelara – the list goes on and on. Most of my great spiritual ah-ha moments have occurred in this magical place. If you have the opportunity to experience the land yourself I highly recommend it. Gini kindly allows me to lend my creative skills to her promotional material from time to time which allows me to keep in the loop on her events.




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